Dean Stockton, or D*Face as he is now known, was born in 1978 in London. He worked in advertising before embarking on his own artistic career. Drawing inspiration from New York’s graffiti scene of the 1970s and ’80s, D*Face has painted walls all over the world. His murals are a critique of socio-political issues, challenging topics such as consumerism and the American Dream. In past works he has used familiar cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty. He would dissect them with images of skulls or symbols and created portraits of icons like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

Experimenting across several different mediums, he combines comedic imagery with anti establishment values. Throughout his career, D*Face has received much critical acclaim. He was one of fifty artists commissioned to create a 50th anniversary Penguin book cover. He is also the only urban artist to date to feature on the front cover of the fine art publication Art Review. His work regularly sells at Christies, Sothebys and Bonhams auction houses. Yet he still continues to put his work illegally into the public domain, and as such has extensively traveled the world showing his artwork.

D*Face is also known for setting up ‘StolenSpace’, London’s foremost contemporary urban art gallery. In 2010 he created the artwork for Christina Aguilera’s number one selling album ‘Bionic’, Christina has been a long time collector of D*Face’s work. In 2011, D*Face famously returned to the Ridiculous Pool in San Bernardino. It was here he debuted a unique technique combining his love of skateboarding with live painting. The event has since featured on websites and TV shows around the globe, receiving thousands of views on YouTube.

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