Tom Scanlon

Tom Scanlon was born in Glasgow in 1963.  He now lives and works in Paisley. He paints city and landscapes in heavy impasto oils using only a palette knife. This creates a richly textured image in vivid colour. Tom has exhibited in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and New York.  His work is held in various UK galleries and private collections around the world including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Holland, France and Ireland.

Tom says: ”The paintings/images that attract me are the ones which are not immediately accessible to the eye. Ones in which a little mystery lies behind in terms of technique or form. In order to achieve such an effect I use exclusively only a palette knife. I try to capture the complexity, humour and beauty of human life in the built environment in this manner. The result is a highly textured painting consisting of both magnitude and direction, almost 3D.”

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