Paul Graham

Paul Graham was born in 1963 and has worked as a professional photographer in Glasgow for over thirty years. He has never forgotten or lost interest in his first love: painting. Paul has constantly pursued part-time education in all forms of art, and has exhibited his work widely and successfully. “I don’t believe in calling myself self-taught as I think we all learn so much from the people we encounter,” Paul says.

Previous exhibitions at the University Tower at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and at Sky Park both sold well. His new work is attracting great interest from buyers in several galleries and at locations including Trump Turnberry Resort, Scotland’s Boat Show and Savills Kip Regatta, and has raised thousands of pounds for charity – an achievement that Paul is understandably proud of.

With the creation of his own purpose built studio, Paul feels that it is time to further pursue his artistic cravings through his paintings. The inspiration for Paul’s work draws on his experience of the people and scenes he has encountered throughout his travels. As he says: “I enjoy the lighter side of life and don’t take myself too seriously.” Paul draws inspiration from various artists including Pete Brown, Voka, and the storytelling of Edward Hopper.

Working in acrylic, Paul’s artworks can have the spontaneous style of a watercolour while also reflecting the more weighty presence of an oil painting. He captures everyday senses and scenes in a vibrant palette, creating artworks that are bold and filled with life and energy.

“I love finding a subject matter and then instantly committing it to paper,” Paul says. “Despite being an award winning photographer, I don’t like to work from images as I feel that you can end up with an artwork that resembles a camera image with lens distortion. I’m much happier to sketch away and find something that I can hook into while the subject is in front of me.

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