Katy Arthur

Katy Arthur (Kannea) from a young age was always a budding artist with a love of Art all throughout school, teachers saw this gift and pushed her in the right direction in the form of life drawing classes and multiple competitions that inspired her to follow her path as an artist.

At 23 she has developed her own loose, fluid and expressive style that is unique to her. During school her interest within her surroundings dominated her activities, she would travel all over Scotland in her free time to some remote and almost untouched part of the Highlands to uncover her passion for Scottish wildlife. With such infatuation with her surrounding country landscape, needing new fresh and isolating experiences, she moved to Inverness and then Glen Coe to inspire her work.

Katy truly captures the personality of each animal she paints – while still reminding us all of our revered, stunning country.

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