Garry Brander

Escaping modern reality Glasgow based Garry Brander has been a keen artist from a young age, using his passion for the subject at school to form the foundation of his career in the creative industry. After undertaking a foundation course in the subject including graphic design at college, and graduating with BA Hons from Glasgow School of Art Garry has spent time experimenting with his artwork style to portray expressive and imaginative landscapes. Early on, Garry gained an interest in old buildings, with his artwork focusing particularly on sheds and huts set against simple and non-cluttered backgrounds. Reminiscent of his childhood, these structures represent a creative place of escape, reflective of his time as a youngster building dens in the back yard. They signify a desire for simplicity amidst the complexities of modern day living, which he believes can be dictated by big brands and the intrusion of the media and technology. These constructions invite the viewer to retreat to a momentary escape, with the enhanced ability to reflect on life and relationships in such a chaotic and surreal world. Garry said: “The buildings in my paintings are characters and are created as a reminder for us to slow down and contemplate the most important things in our lives. Like me, and perhaps like all of us, they are not perfect with visible faults and at risk of falling apart at the edges.” The use of colour is greatly important in Garry’s work, with the artist consistently experimenting with different shades, tones and textures to enhance his paintings. In particular, Garry enjoys using blues and reds. The former represents his idyll of clear skied days, of which he associates with happiness and joy. He has also more recently turned his brush to landscape paintings, retaining the feeling of escapism reflected through the huts and lighthouses in his work.

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