Andrew Tough

Andrew Tough was born in Glasgow in 1988. A keen artist from an early age who sketched often and was a perfectionist with his drawings even as a child. In his teenage years he started painting and after trying oil paint took an immediate liking to the medium. Andrew decided to pursue studying art after leaving school and went on to gain a BA (hons) in Fine Art. He had his first successful solo exhibition in 2013 and has been painting continually ever since.

His work has evolved into painting photorealistic depictions of the Scottish landscape. Andrew’s painting technique is entirely self-taught and his paintings can often take a great deal of time to complete. He enjoys the challenge of accentuating natural details and portraying the atmosphere of some of his favourite Scottish locations. As a keen hill-walker Andrew often involves figures in his mountain-scapes, mostly painting his friends and fellow hikers. Andrew’s work is exhibited throughout Scotland and has collectors across the UK.

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