The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers is the pseudonym for British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle. When they first entered the art scene they remained anonymous. However, in 2014, the telegraph magazine revealed their identities. This allowed them to undertake more ambitious projects and prominent figures in the art community.

The pair are best known for their activism and work that tackles sociopolitical issues in a comedic manner. Most notably, in 2014 they created a fictional museum named The Hanbury Collection. It focused on truth and fiction in such a way that it was impossible to work out which exhibits were real and which were not. This specific theme of truth and fiction has since featured throughout their work. Each piece is particularly relevant in the current climate of fake news, post-truth and social media obsession.

Activists as well as artists, the pair have spent a large part of their career helping charities and raising awareness. One cause that The Connor Brothers have focused on has been the on going refugee crisis. The duo worked for several years in The Jungle refugee camp in Calais building shelters. They also undertook an international billboard campaign called Refuchic, which highlighted the plight of displaced people. As well as this, they are closely associated with the Russian activist group Pussy Riot. The two teamed up and produced a refugee themed theatrical performance at Banksy’s Dismaland in 2015. More recently they have teamed up with Professor Green and the mental health charity CALM. They have held several exhibitions to raise funds and awareness about the UK’s epidemic of male depression.

The Connor Brothers have exhibited internationally from New York, Sydney and Dubai to London, Hong Kong and Berlin. Their work frequently appears at major auction houses and 2016 they were able to achieve a record price.

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