Mike Fullarton

Mike graduated with BA (hons) in Drawing and Painting from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee, before spending the following few years in an independent artists’ studio. He then moved to Kraków, where he recently had his second solo show as well as participating in a number of other exhibitions.

The paintings in the MAP series are an exploration into the various transport routes of modern cities around the world and the patterns and interpretations which can emerge from their fragmentation and abstraction.

Taking a bird’s eye view, the aim is not to produce an exact map-like replica but rather to capture the mood, characteristics, movement, transition and vibrancy of each location.

The acrylic is applied through the action of pouring, layering and intricate brushwork. A process which is continually repeated to achieve a sense of depth, intensity and composition. The pixelated markings also suggest a ‘magic eye’ effect, drawing the viewer in to look for a possible image in the apparent chaos.

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