Isshaq Ismail

Isshaq Ismail (Ghanaian, b.1989) is a versatile painter who works with varieties of media and techniques to spark a renaissance of contemporary African Art. In scope of his aesthetic strategies he creates grotesque figures and textures in his paintings.

The vibrant, bold and colourful paintings of Isshaq Ismail explore the social, cultural, and political aspects of the modern world and the impact it can have on identity. Ismail paints faces and figures in impasto, typically depicting them with accentuated grotesque features and using black, brown, Blue, Purple, Green, Ochre and Red hues. His portraits also reflect his interest in themes such as desire, resilience, power, Joy and hope; they tell stories and universal truths about societies around the world.
Ismail’s striking artworks have been exhibited at institutions and galleries in Germany, Ghana, and the United States.

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