Garth Bayley

Garth works predominantly in oils because of the richness of the colours and the consistency achieved by layering the paint with a combination of brush and palette knife use resulting in a rich texture. His use of colour and light is influenced by his African heritage in relation to vibrancy and spatial elements. He works loosely with bold colours showing form and movement. His subjects are diverse ranging from sport and dance to abstracted landscape. The landscapes are drawn, informed by emotions, when visiting a site and often include derelict buildings or left over manmade debris.

He uses personal experiences to create beautifully expressive canvases evoking both emotional and physical sensuality. The overriding theme is reinterpreting and allowing captured glimpses into his everyday experiences.Garth draws inspiration from images in the media, life drawing and his own photography. He works from sketches and directly from images as well as painting plein air.

Garth exhibits in a number of venues and has work in collections in the UK, South Africa, U.S.A, Namibia and the Netherlands.

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