Dominika Mayovich

Dominika Mayovich is quickly establishing a reputation as an innovative and respected portrait artist, Mika grew up in Nisko, in South East Poland, where her desire to draw prolifically started at an early age: Around 10 years ago Dominika moved to the UK to study art: After an art foundation course in Oxford Dominka enrolled at Glasgow school of Art and since graduating nine years ago now has an enviable list of collectors throughout the UK and beyond.

Her work not only encompasses large and vibrant canvases focusing on portraiture but she also draws much inspiration from nature and has recently produced some beautiful work depicting the natural beauty of the wildlife she has encountered in Scotland. Within her portfolio there are also many other subject matters that may have had an impact on someones life and in Dominika’s own words, “It’s nice to put things on the wall that are alive and friendly and help you to forget about the bad things life can throw at  you”.

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